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Friday, September 16, 2011

One step closer...

My birthday is right around the corner.  T minus 9 days.  I am not so thrilled about it.  I never am.  In fact, I typically cry.  Today I was talking to ElleBee about my sadness about not having done much in my life.  No real travel, still going to school and I don't have a CAREER.  The same things that I stress about every year.  And she said the best thing (not an exact quote). 

-You are doing something amazing.  You are giving up your body and social life to give someone else a baby.  That is amazing. 

It made me feel really good.  And definitely better.   But I still want to travel.

On to the surrogacy- We are almost there...  So, last night I recieved a call from the fertility clinic.... all my tests came back good.  SWEET.  The only thing we need now is for the hubby's results to come back.  After that, the shots start and 4-6 weeks later implantation happens!  That means that in 2 months I should be pregnant... for someone else! 

Now they tell you about the shots.  A lot.  Everyday.  You can't miss a shot... blah blah.  I like to think that this will be no problem.  I am fairly certain that I am wrong.  For like at least THREE months it will be minimum one shot a day. 

One is to thicken something, another is to stop something and then I forgot all the rest.  If there are more.  There's no telling really.  Okay, maybe there is and I just wasn't listening.  The fertility peeps were just talking so fast.  But they gave me lots of paperwork to sign that also have a TON of instructions.  Thank goodness I enjoy reading, because there is plenty of that to do!

On a side note: I had to mail Marco's blood and urine today for them to test.  That was a neat experience.  NOT.  I felt weird giving it to the FedEx guy.  See below.

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