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Friday, December 23, 2011

Delays Delays Delays

Well, the transfer didn't happen.  That doesn't mean it isn't going to happen, but it didn't.  Yet.

I went to the doctor on Dec 6th and he told me that my uterine lining was looking a little thin.  It needed to be 7-12 mm (i think) thick, and mine was only at 6.3.  So they gave me some extra estrogen and then I came back a few days later for another ultrasound.  I didn't really think anything of it and was told it was pretty common, but the extra estrogen should boost it.  So when he gave me the news that it was thinner (5mm) not thicker, I was incredibly disappointed. 

The thing is, the Intended Father is an amazing man.  And this is not his first attempt at surrogacy.  So I wanted so bad to be able to tell him his long wait was finally over and that he would be a father in just nine short months.  However, I do have high hopes, and can't wait until we can do the transfer.  He said he was anticipating this delay, but hopefully there are no more.

Anyway, I went off meds, let them all cycle out and started back on them on Dec 21.  The mid cycle ultra sound is on January 3rd.  As long as there are no issues with that, we should be transferring an embryo or two shortly after. 

On another note, because the transfer didn't happen I had plenty of time to study and take my calculus final... That I FAILED.  Thankfully though, I passed the class.  No more calculus for me.  EVER. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a safe and awesome start to 2012!!!

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