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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Calculus Final or an Embryo Transfer....

So our transfer date was originally set for December 12.  Which worked ok with my schedule.  It is my work Christmas party, but I could go without.  I mean, it's easy to determine which is more important.  BUT then, the egg donor's cycle was off by a few days so they said that the transfer would be on the 15th or 16th.

I was like SCORE!  Christmas party here I come.  Until I realized that the 15th is the day of my Calculus final.  Pretty hard to take a final if you are on bed rest.  I stressed about this all morning.  And then I found out from the Intended Father that they are definitely aiming for the 15th.  UUUUGGGHHHH!

So, I called the fertility  clinic and they were super amazing.  They said that as long as I am straining my mind only and not my body, it would be fine if I took my final that evening after the embryo transfer.  YAY!  I am still waiting for the IF's approval, but that is one less stress.  Thank goodness.

The only drawback is that I have to take a Valium before the procedure.  Anyone wanna guess how awesome my grade will be after taking a Calculus final while under the Valium cloud?  We will see....

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