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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Think it Worked.....

So it started out with a 2 hour drive up to L.A. with the hubby.  Then we sat in the office and I took my Valium (yes it is prescribed) and all I wanted to do was relax.  I completely understood why they gave it to me because I was super nervous.  About 30 minutes later, they took us back into the room.  They brought in what looked like an incubator and I got to take a look at two little embryos.  It was an amazing, once in a lifetime, experience.  They looked something like this-

Then the doctor began prepping and then he said, ok we are done.  It literally was completely painless and super quick.  I had to lay there for 30 minutes with my bottom half lifted and then we went home....

Then comes the wait.  The odds are in our favor I believe.  Strong egg donor, healthy embryos and my stellar uterus.  But those factors don't always mean success.  Science can only go so far.  My blood test isn't for a few days to determine if I am or am not preggers.  HOWEVER, I obviously couldn't wait that long.  So I have obviously taken a test, or two, or 20.  I don't have the most recent, but I have one of my first positives below....

I have darker, more visible ones now, just no photos.  So... I am cautiously optimistic that everything was a success!  In other words, I am


  1. OMG!!!! There are 2 lines!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!