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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Step By Step, Day By Day

Well, I had my Beta blood test and my number was a 644.  So I am OFFICIALLY preggo according to the docs. For anyone that isn't familiar with beta numbers that, it's pretty high for a single baby.  So there may be two or it might be just one REALLY healthy baby... Yikes for two.  I have had my second blood test (7 days later) and it was 3434.  Showing steady growth BUT maybe not as rapidly as twins.  These are all assumptions that I make based on other people's stories.  For all I know there are eight in there and I will be banished from society like that Octo-lady.

Currently I am dealing with a boat load of side effects.  I can't say that it is from being pregnant as I am sure it is from the crap-ton of meds in my system.

1- ALWAYS exhausted.  I could sleep right now in fact.  I also enjoy sleeping under my desk on a regular basis.  In the morning I feel amazing.  At around 10-11 am, I feel like death.  That lasts until 8:30 pm and then I absolutely must sleep. 

2- Slightly nauseas.  Nothing ginger ale and small meals doesn't cure.  This was happening before the transfer, so I will assume it is meds.  It's just getting slightly worse, but so far I have held it together... for the most part.

3- Body temperature.  At night (right after shots) I sweat.  Bad.  My poor husband.  :-(  During the day- FREEZING.  At work I usually have a cardi, a scarf and a jacket.  It's 78 degrees outside and THAT is my outfit.

All in all I am excited to get off the meds.  Also thrilled to have the ultrasound.  That is next week.  That's when we will know how many are in there...  As of today, 5 weeks an 4 days along... CRAZINESS!

Me giving a shot- looks like I am doing it in
the side, but I am pretty twisted around and
 it's right above my bum.


  1. Congrats on the great beta numbers.

  2. You don't need to do the shot in front of a mirror? Man, you're good!! And congrats on the beta's!! Can't wait for the u/s!

    1. Jesse, I have a freakishly long torso, so my twisting range is remarkable. Thanks and I can't wait either!