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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And So it Begins.... Round 2

Well, it has begun... I am on the juice again.  Nope, not steroids.... but back on good ol' IVF shots.  I gave myself my first one tonight.  Ahhhh, how easily we forget these sorts of things.  Like how a 15 inch needle feels as it penetrates your backside because you can't ever do it just right.  Something to do with the fact that I work in commercial real estate vs. a medical profession makes me horrible at stabbing the upper quadrant of my rump.  They start you slow.  I think it's to trick you but I am sure there is some more precise medical terminology for this.  So right now I only give myself one cc of delestrogen every three days.  But in about two weeks I will add one billion (approximate) cc's of this other stuff everyday.  That is the miserable part, if I recall.

There is always one thing to remember when giving yourself shots... not where to put the needle, or whether you numbed the spot enough or how much it is going to hurt tomorrow.... No, the important thing to remember is that you are working to make a baby for someone.  Oh, and not to hit that damned nerve that runs down your leg.   Anyway, the first one is done.  Hopefully, in about 15 weeks, there will be no more.

I do have a scheduled date for an embryo transfer, as long as my body does what it is supposed to do.  I already know that I am much more cautious of celebrating each step because of the outcome of the last transfer.  If I were a gamblin' man, I would say that I think this time is going to go great, but I just have to be more prepared if it does not.  Because last time I don't really think that I was prepared enough emotionally for the what-ifs that became reality.  But I am sure it will all be great, right?

As I was giving myself my shot tonight, my husband said something that made me feel great: "Babe, I am proud of you for all that you are doing.  It takes a strong person to do all of this for another person."  It made me realize that he understands just how much this means.  Not just for me, but for the Intended Father as well.  It is silly for me to think HE is proud of ME.  This man that is my hero and works so hard for me and our family said he is proud of me.  He is my soul mate.  He leaves Sunday for 25 days of intense training.  Then he will be home for two weeks and then he will leave for much longer to Afghanistan.  Things will be tough without him, but I will have so much free time to write random blogs about being pregnant with another man's baby!  ;-)  I hope to post about a secured embryo transfer date in the near future, so stay tuned for a play by play of round two, coming to a blog near you.

P.S. I am super excited about a new show starting that I think everyone should check it out.  I don't know all the details, but it seems to be about a couple of dads that get a surrogate to have their baby.  I already LOVE it!  The New Normal premiers on NBC September 11, 2012.


  1. Glad you're back to it!! :) Excited for you!

  2. Thanks! I am definitely excited as well!

  3. Yea for stabbing yourself in the rump! You'll be just a little behind me if both our schedules go according to plan. I transfer in a week!

  4. I'm a wee bit late, so just catching up on your latest post. Glad to hear you are active again and in your two week wait. So hoping your beta yeilds a BFP!!!

    Just noticed that your hubby is going or is now in Afghanistan. I have a friend who just deployed there about 2.5 weeks ago. He is a marine and is in camp Bastion. Is your hubby a marine by chance?