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Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving Forward

I have come on here a few times and re-read previous posts.  It's tough to read through and recall how far we were and then remember that day in May.  It makes me pretty emotional every time.

Everything is back to 'normal.'  As normal as anyone's life is really.  I am hitting the gym about five days a week and that feels great and in June I even ran a 5k Mud Run with some friends.  (Hope they don't mind their pictures posted below....)

All the kids are here for the summer, which is always fun (read: chaotic).  And really I am just enjoying life.


I have had a lot of support from friends and family.  Even people that I am not close with have supported me.  There is/ was no way for me to possibly anticipate how I was going to feel in this situation.  So for those of you that did reach out and offer guidance, thank you so much.

Now, for the moving forward part.  We have talked about this and it is definitely happening.  At first I was scared about this, and I am sure I will be until there is a sweet little baby in his arms, BUT I am thrilled at the idea of us finishing what we started.  I had set out to complete a family and I am excited to still have that chance.  Unfortunately, it has had some heartbreak throughout, but that is all part of life.

We will need to start from step one.  I have contacted the IVF doc to schedule the first ultrasound to make sure all has healed properly.  And then I guess we will go from there.  So we are back on... Hope everyone is still doing great!

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  1. If you look at the top of your blog it says you're awesome because you just are. I think that's true. Trying again is awesome. I'll be watching your journey start again and hoping to see some cute ultrasound pictures very soon. Good luck.