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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like a Druggie....?

So, shots have been going for about three weeks... and at this point the stomach ones (Lupron) have become second nature.  I can do them in a matter of seconds.  The needle is nothing now...

But let's discuss Delestrogen.  Those need to go intramuscular (read: in the butt).  And the needle is GIANT (see photo). I figured no big deal we are pretty much pros.  I forgot to think about things like... traveling.  And what to do if you need to give yourself a shot.  The obvious answer...


Is that not the conclusion that YOU came to? Me neither.

So we went to San Francisco for Turkey Day and traffic was predictably terrible.  So we wound up being much later than anticipated.  At 7:30 I say to the hubby, I gotta do shots in like 30 minutes... Ok- We will stop somewhere.  So we get to Burger King AKA County Hospital and their restrooms are FOUL.  I didn't even want to wash my hands for fear of contracting a disease.  So that was out.

I go back to the car and we decide to do it in the car.  Rump up, under street lights and in a VERY public place.  Yes.  I looked like a crack head.  Because I then proceeded to whip out my other syringe and shoot up my belly with Lupron.  Quite the thrilling adventure that I hope to never repeat.

Anyway... things are on track, for the most part.  Which is swell.  A couple more weeks until the transfer as long as all goes well... I can't wait!

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