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Monday, February 13, 2012

1+1 Equals Twice the Fun... Right?

I got news about a week and a half ago, that was pretty big, but a little tough for me to adjust to.  TWINS. 2.  Dos.  A party in my womb.  It was a lot to digest and I am still getting used to the idea.  When I had the ultrasound, within seconds the doctor says: "oh look, there's two."  Like it's a normal thing.  Just FYI, it is NOT normal to me.  Even though it's only one more, there is a HUGE difference between one and two.  At the ultrasound, it was a bit early to see heartbeats though, so it isn't officially confirmed.  But there were 2 peas in 2 pods (so not identical twins) measuring the right sizes.  We will see the heartbeats later this week.  But here is the first photo of the twins.... Yikes!

At my ultrasound there was another great shock... My wonderful baby daddy (or Intended Father as some say) came to the appointment and surprised me.  All the way from Paris.  So he got to see his BABIES for the first time and we were able to hang out all weekend and enjoy beautiful San Diego.  It was a great time. 



  1. Hi my name is Sarah - So do the parents live in Paris or what? They are donor eggs and sperm or just eggs? I found your blog from Lauren's blog and wanted to say that is so great of you to do this and congrats on twins.
    Sarah B

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading! The parent lives in Paris and it's his sperm and donor eggs. And thank you! It is scary, but exciting for sure.

    1. I replied to this already but don't see my reply :( That crazy and cool that the parent is a single dad and now to twins! wow!! is this your 1st pregnancy? Ah man I have so many questions in my head right now I want to ask because I am so nosey LOL and this is just facinating to me. I am also preggo 23 weeks today with a baby girl (our 1st baby and 1st pregnancy). How have you been feeling? I have been praying for you and the twins and their dad. Hope all is well and will the babies be US citizens or not? and will you have them here?
      Toodles for now
      -Sarah B

    2. This won't be my first pregnancy. From what I know in order to be a surrogate you have to have had at least one healthy pregnancy before. I have been feeling pretty good. Not nearly as sick as I was with my own kids. How have you been feeling. I will have the twins here in CA as France isn't really a big supporter of surrogacy and then after they get the birth certificates (4-6 weeks) he and the twins will head back to Paris. Thanks for all the questions! Be nosey, it's ok! :-)

  3. Wow...I know that's a lot to take in. Good luck and know that we're all out here to help you through this. There are a lot of surrogates who have been pregnant with twins so I'm sure you can get a lot of advice from them.