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Friday, March 2, 2012

Constant Changes

10 weeks and 5 days along

 Since my last post I have had 2 ultrasounds.  And I have 2 more scheduled next week.  Unfortunately it's not due to just wanting to see the babies a lot.  After the discovery of the twins, I went back for a follow up.  The doctor then discovered that both were a week behind in growth.  This isn't too concerning in the last trimester, but he seemed more concerned since it was early on.  The positive thing is that both had strong heartbeats, which is the most important thing, I think.

So I went back in for another ultrasound and received sad news.  One of the twins hadn't made it.  This was tough for me to take.  Though ultimately, we are trying for ONE successful pregnancy, it is still a loss to know that a baby didn't make it.  But also, I know that the most important thing is that any baby(ies) are healthy and strong, and that maybe he just wasn't.  I still am questioning if it was something I could have prevented but I have been reassured otherwise.

Unfortunately, that was not the only downer from that appointment.  The one snuggle bug in there (he is a boy, by the way) is still about 6-7 days behind, but he has a super strong heartbeat of 170 BPM.  SOOOOO, I will be trekking up to L.A. (ew) again next week.  They are doing a regular ultrasound to see if maybe he hit a growth spurt.  If NOT then I have an appointment a couple hours later at a fetal medicine specialist.  There they will complete a more clear ultrasound I guess and see if they see any triggers for chromosonal defects or something. 

So I just ask that y'all say a little prayer that maybe he is just a late bloomer.  I have read a lot of forums and gotten feedback from other surrogates and many have had similar issues (apparently common with IVF) and have gone on to have 1 or 2 healthy babies, which is all I am hoping for.  Over the last 2 weeks I have been pretty hungry, so I will take that as a sign that he is growing ferociously in there! Oh- and I have gained 2 pounds, so that means he had to do something, or is it all going on my hips... hmmmm....

Finally, now that it is definitely just one little bean, we have an official due date:

SEPTEMBER 25th!!!!
( If you don't know me too well, this is my birthday- good sign? I do believe so!!!)

p.s. If everything is fine and dandy, I get to stop shots in 9 days..... another reason for those prayers!


  1. Oh...sorry there is so much going on. I'll pray for some good news with your little boy. Hope all is well. Keep the updated coming.

  2. Thinking about you, Mavis - update us, please!!

  3. praying for you and your baby please blog an update :)
    -Sarah B